What Is The Cost to File a Patent Application?

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The costs to file a patent application involve attorney expertise in preparing the application and filing fees. Filing fees, which are paid to the US Patent Office, are significantly lower than the cost of preparing the application. Preparing a patent application requires describing the invention, describing the existing publicly known technology similar to the invention, preparing professional drawings of the invention, and drafting claims specific to your invention.

Filing fees and other costs usually average between $500 to $2,000 depending upon who is applying and how much the inventor’s income is at the time of filing. Attorney fees for preparation of a patent application are usually less than $10,000. However, fees may be higher if the invention is particularly complicated.

Alternatively, you could file a provisional patent application for about half the cost, in attorney’s fees, of a standard (non-provisional) application. A provisional application also has slightly lower filing fees and does not require drafting of claims. A provisional application is not reviewed by the US Patent Office. When you file a provisional application you have one year to file a non-provisional application, as discussed above. If you file a non-provisional patent application within one year of filing a provisional patent application, then the date you filed the provisional is the date considered to be the filing date of the non-provisional.

Our office will be glad to help you evaluate which type of application is best for your current circumstances. Please contact us to discuss the particulars of your invention.

– Van Irion, Knoxville Intellectual Property Attorney