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If you find yourself in court, either being sued or fighting for your rights, you need an attorney who cares about your situation as much as you do. Van Irion is a caring attorney who is also experienced with all aspects of litigation, including discovery, arbitration, judicial settlement conferences, evidentiary hearings, jury trials, bench trials, and appeals. Attorney Irion has practiced at all levels of state and federal courts, including several cases at the US Supreme Court.   His extensive work in business transactions gives him an exceptional ability to litigate contract disputes and consumer protection cases. Litigation can be a complex and lengthy process. Make sure you have an attorney on your side who is efficient and effective.

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Martin Luther King Jr and The Collateral Bar Rule

This week we celebrated again the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.  Many are familiar with Martin Luther King’s letter ...
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contract law, lawyer, contract lawyer, contract attorney

The Importance of Reviewing Contracts

How many times have you signed your name without really reading what you're signing? We've all done it. "Just sign ...
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search warrant

Government Search and Seizure

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights they included the right to be free from unreasonable searches and ...
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