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Practice Areas

Patents & Intellectual Property

knoxville patent attorney, van irion, foxnews, legal expert, liberty legal foundation, knoxville patent lawyer, attorney van irionAs a patent lawyer, Van Irion’s scientific and business background gives him a unique ability to evaluate an invention’s patentability, marketability, and value. Unlike many patent attorneys Mr. Irion can also assist inventors with license agreements, business formation, and investor placement negotiations. He has managed and marketed large patent portfolios, and has coordinated joint management of intellectual property with research institutions such as NIH, ORNL, USDA, and state universities.


Business Transactions Law

Business Law, knoxville business lawyer, knoxville business attorney, business transactions, attorneys, Van Irion, risks, client, negotiate, contracts, multi-national, pharmaceutical, license agreements, capital, investor, placements, clinical trial research, agreements, confidentiality agreements, ndaMost attorneys have a reputation for slowing business down. Van Irion has built a reputation of helping business get done. He will point out risks, explain the size and probability of such risks, and then he will get out of the way and let the business client make an informed decision. Mr. Irion has negotiated and drafted hundreds of contracts ranging from multi-national pharmaceutical license agreements, to capital investor placements, to clinical trial research agreements, to one-page confidentiality agreements.


Civil Litigation & Arbitration

knoxville attorney, knoxville lawyer, Civil Litigation, Van Irion, experienced, litigation, discovery, arbitration, mediation, judicial settlement conferences, evidentiary hearings, jury trials, bench trials, appeals, business transactions, litigate, contract disputes, consumer protection, casesVan Irion is experienced with all aspects of litigation, including discovery, arbitration, judicial settlement conferences, evidentiary hearings, jury trials, bench trials, and appeals. His extensive work in business transactions gives him an exceptional ability to litigate contract disputes and consumer protection cases.


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